Customisable Insoles
Shoe must go on !
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Rovitex Asia receive GRS certification ♻️

Rovitex Asia is proud to join GRS (Global Recycle Standard) movement ♻️

Through GRS certification ; Rovitex Asia commits to increase the recycle fabric content use in our production

It provides to our customer a total transparency through all production stages, from the yarn to the finished goods

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Seamless Adhesive Lamination

Lamination available with:

➡️ Polyurethane film
➡️ Polyurethane Glue Dots
➡️ Polyamide Glue Dots
➡️ Web Glue

Get rid of sewing process with our reactivable adhesive (90-160 degree).

It eases the manufacturing process and it provides high stretchability to your complex

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Stretch Leather Lamination

Rovitex Asia has developped a dedicate knit fabric to laminate on Porc / Cow / Lamb skin
The fabric own specific properties that allow to follow the skin shrinkage during dyeing process
What's more this shrinkage will give rise to leather elasticity similar to a spring effect

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✨Enlighten your laces with foil lamination ✨
Rovitex Asia developped an efficient foil lace lamination providing a soft handfeel without foil peeling off in your hand
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Flame Retardant PU Lamination
Rovitex Asia is proud to introduce a new flame retardant lamination.
Important component of firement suits, our complex Aramid + PU FR is use to protect the joints (elbows & knees) of our fire-fighters
Aramid fabric is available in different colors
Weight: 237 g/m2
Width: 1.4 m
Thickness: 0.50 mm
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Blackout Lamination 
Blackout lamination for curtains  & automotive
Perfect for hotels, resorts and individuals, our membrane will block the light and preserve the room temperature
Our membrane can be use as well in automotive or garment field as it is waterproof and flame retardant (option)
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Rovitex Asia Breathable & Waterproof Jacket
Rovitex Asia developped a breathable / stretchable jacket
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Foam Lamination - A wide open gate

Rovitex Asia is specialise in Foam lamination ( 1,5 to 22 mm thickness ) :
Polyurethane , EVA, Memory, Bio Based Foam, Fiberfill, Flame Retardant Foam

We are a main actor in the following sectors:

Lingerie ( Molded Cup Bra )
Automotive ( Car seats )

Furnitures ( Indoor & Outdoor Sofa )
Cases ( Jewel &...

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Waterproof Military Shoes

Design with weaving fabric and a breathable spacer, Rovitex Asia laminate an intermediate layer with a PU membrane

Upon ISO 811 ( Hydrostatic Pressure Test ), the water resistance is above 20m high for a complex fully waterproof.
Used for the army, the complex can resist to humid / warm environment

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Reusable Period Panties

Absorbent, Washable, Comfortable
Rovitex Asia developed several complex for period underwear.

It is a long term alternative to disposable pads for a new step to reduce consummables. Tested in laboratories, it can be extend to more than 100 washes

Many combinations are available ( 2/3/4/5 layers ) with...

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GFT 2022 - Bitec Bangna - Hall 104 - FT12 (22-25/2022)

Rovitex Asia will attend to GFT 2022 from 22 to 25 June 2022.
A good opportunity to catch and discuss about our new items developped for Furnitures/ Medical / Sportswear and Lingerie items

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Flame Retardant Lamination - Firemen Garments
Rovitex Asia develop a technical complex for firemen garments.
Using a fire repellent non woven and an innovative protection film, this item provide safety and comfort to our fire soldiers
Thanks to the PU layer, we avoid any fluids penetration when PTFE layer will improve the moisture management. It ...
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Rovitex Asia complete PPE level 4 coverall for the Thai government

Certifications coverall level 4:
Disposable coverall

ASTM F1670/F1670M (Blood penetration)

ASTM F1671/F1671M – Procedure A (Blood & Bacterial penetration)
Weight: 80-85 g/m2

Available upon request

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Come to meet us to GFT 2022 (22-25 June)
Rovitex Asia will participate for the first time to GFT exhibition it will be the perfect occasion to meet and exhibit our technical laminated textile No plan in June ? Visit us in Bitec Bangna =)
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