Hotmelt lamination

Within Rovitex Asia, we are using two main technologies depending the final application of your finished good.

HOTMELT lamination with PUR glue & HOTMELT lamination with fusible materials

Dots lamination with PUR glue

The process consist of applying glue on a fabric/foam or film with a glue dot roller in order to bond it with another fabric
Thanks to our different glue dot rollers we can play on the breathability / peeling strenght / weight / molding and waterproofness properties
Lamination with glue dot roller is mostly use for Lingerie / Medical / Outdoor / Sportswear & Protection

Workable width: Up to 2 200 mm

Drum calender with fusible materials

Using thermo compression,  we apply fusible component to the fabrics within a wide range of temperature (80 to 160 degree).
It enables to work different items such as EVA, PU, CoPES, CoPA, PE

Drum calender can be dedicated for Lingerie / Shoewear / Furnitures / Automotive
Workable width: Up to 1 800 mm

Others Services:
All raw material received are prepared and tested to ensure a proper lamination. Once the lamination is completed we will proceed to a final inspection to control the quality based on customer requirements